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CRM Development


New Business Manager with High speed and secure management on your fingure

Today the world has started to believe in digitalization. That’s why your absence in the digital world can be quite harmful to the growth of your business.

 Extracle Infosys CRM


One of the most significant advantages of Business Managment Portals is that it is a convenient way to store as much information as you want in one place. Unlike the paper cards, there is no lack of space here. So, include your work record, employee record , time management , hiring managmnet , service record and soo much.

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management for Determining High-Quality Leads
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Sales Analytics
  • Mobile CRM
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Email Client Integration
  • Workflow and Approvals


Attendance Management

Attendance Management keeps track of your employee hours. It is the system you use to document the time your employees work and the time they take off. Attendance Management can be done by recording

Job Management

Job management is a set of software products and service that apply workflow structure to the movement of information as well as to the interaction of business processes and human worker processes that generate the information

Share Details with client

Managers are most often responsible for a particular function or department within the organization. From accounting to marketing, to sales, customer support, engineering, quality, and all other groups

Employee Records

Employment records consist of details about employee's past experience, date of joining the current organization and referrals from previous managers and colleagues (if any). Other information such as employee id number

Globally Access

Global CRM (GCRM) is the strategic application of the processes and practices of CRM by firms operating in multiple countries or by firms serving customers who span multiple countries, which incorporates relevant differences

Social Media Links

Interact and engage with customers in real time; Talk to each other so that customers get the best help; Monitor social media for complaints and resolve issues quickly; Find and reward brand advocates and customers who help others.

Payroll Management

Payroll management is the administrative task of compensating employees for service rendered. It also provides a financial record of employee gross earnings, payroll deductions and net pay, as well as the employer's related payroll

Student management

Student management is a skill that the teachers and other staff in school or college have to hone over time. It is defined as a skillset, which every teacher gains with time as it helps them in managing the students effectively.

Leave management

Leave management is the process of managing time-off requests — such as holidays, sick leave, vacation, emergencies, and parental leave — through a series of policies, guidelines, and rules that are specific to your business

Invoice management

invoice management is the process by which businesses receive an invoice from a vendor, validate its legitimacy, pay the supplier, and record the payment. Good invoice management and vendor payments

Performance Track management

A performance management system is a mechanism for tracking the performance of employees consistently and measurably. It allows the company to ensure

Day By Day management

Day to Day management, as name suggests, is simply management that focuses on day-to-day activities performed on daily basis for increasing value of business as well as profit

Daily , Monthly & Yearly Report

Reports are a management way of obtaining a concise overview of the previous status to have up-to-date reporting of the cash management

Secure Login

As both knowledge of your username/password and physical possession of the security device are required to login to your account, participation in the Secure Login

Activity management

Activity management is the process of recording everything a worker does throughout a typical day, in the order that it is done, all while labeling their activity correctly

Soo Much More Features

Soo much more features for your business managmentto make your business more easy handle in all way. Extracle infosys CRM are have Best User Friendly and best in Performance.

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