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Extracle Infosys is a global technology partner to top-tier organizations and digital natives, helping them accelerate their pace of sustainable digitalization


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B2B Database


B2B Database Provider

Business to Business

Extracle Infosys provide you best and in budget Business-to-business data, often referred to as B2B data, is information that can be used to help power your marketing and sales campaigns. Sophisticated information will help your business identify new sales leads and get in touch with them
  • Freshness of dataset
  • Match to your target criterion
  • Email deliverability accuracy
  • Cost per contact

B2B database provider

Extracle Infosys

Database by job roles

CFO, MD, Founders etc.

Extracle Infosys can build a high-quality B2B database based on job roles like HR databases within a specific industry and a location. Targeting CSR or purchase managers in a region?

Database by industry

Industries like Manufacturing etc.

Extracle Infosys give you are targeting all Retail companies, you want to reach out to the managers? Finding it hard to get this data? You know where to look at from now onwards.

Database by location

Business by the city or regions

Extracle Infosys can provide you B2B database based on location like a particular city or regions. Reach out to us for B2B database needs. We are provide you correct data world wide.


Updated value

Updated database are incress your business value 2 Times faster


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